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What Are Our Puppies Doing Now

Dear Shelley,

This weekend I had a very special time with my family and I wanted to tell you all about it. My mum & dad have a lovely yacht and this weekend was special as we were going to go out on the water for a sail and even stopping out over night. Mum & dad had invited some friends along so it was important for me to live up to my name “Bosun” and do my job looking after and taking charge of the crew. It was so peaceful when the sails were up & we had lots of big fish called dolphins jumping around the boat, mum and her friends got very excited & so did I! We tied onto a mooring buoy off a lovely beach and dad jumped in the water with his friends, they kept calling me to the water but  I thought it was too cold. After lunch we set off and did a few more hours sailing to a lovely little bay. We had to put the anchor down so I kept an eye on the crew making sure it was a good place, not too close to the other boats, which I had to growl at when we went past to keep in order. As the sun went down we all sat together on the front of the boat and had a cold drink, dad even let me taste his drink but I much prefer my water. It was such an exciting day. The next morning the crew all had a swim and then after a lovely breakfast we pulled the anchor up and set off for home.   Love, Bosun


Bosun at Sunset
Bosun enjoying the evening sunset