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About Wheatens

“A Wheaten.” “From the land of mysterious druids, wailing banshees & impish leprechauns comes this bundle of joy”. He has a typical happy-go-lucky Irish outlook. He loves children and thrives on human companionship. Extrovert and exuberant, he is willing to go anywhere at any time. He requires a little patience to train, but is eager to please."

His coat, when natural, needs very little care: described as the colour of ripening wheat, it is soft and silky and suits his jaunty approach to life. A sturdy dog who is hardy and unexaggerated in any way, he makes an excellent house pet.

Charley 14mths & Mac 4mths
sharing afternoon tea!

Wheatens are a medium sized compact upstanding terrier well covered with a soft, wheaten coloured natural coat that falls in loose curls or waves. An active short coupled dog, strong and well built, well balanced in structure and movement, not exaggerated in any way. Standing four square with head and tail up, giving the appearance of a happy dog full of character.

The Wheaten is of such an intelligence that he often knows his owners moods and wishes before they do. They are a constant companion and will willingly follow you to the end and back. They are trusting and full of compassion and very devoted.

Wheatens suit all manner of lifestyles from a small flat to wide-open spaces. They are great with children and other pets Very inquisitive and fun loving.